Low Limit Futbol

Low Limit Futbol Episode 210: Nipun Chopra, Robbie Blakeley

In this special World Cup edition, Rob and Joe are joined by SocTakes founder Nipun Chopra and South American football journalist Robbie Blakeley to discuss the week that was at the 2018 World Cup. They open by discussing whether using FIFA Fair Play points to decide who advances in the World Cup is a good thing or a bad thing, and offer solutions in the discussion. They also rehash the old penalty kick argument as we had two Round of 16 ties decided from the spot this weekend. We talk about Neymar, his “antics”, and whether Miguel Layun deserved a red card for his “stomp” on Neymar’s ankle. We also look back on our predictions and give you which one we’d all like a “mulligan” on as this tournament has been one of the most difficult to predict!


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