Low Limit Futbol

Low Limit Futbol Episode 290: Nico DeGallo, Erik Lopez

In this episode, Joe and Rob open with a great “Who Am I” trivia question about Mexican strikers (3:40). In Opening Thoughts, we look at Leeds United and their successful move to the EPL (4:05). We then welcome in Nico DeGallo from the Can I Kick It podcast to talk Manchester City, Champions League, and the Serie A title race (13:15). From there, we give you our exclusive interview with the newest member of Atlanta United, 18 year old Erik Lopez (32:45) We close with a host of matches to look out for all week long, the trivia answer, and a preview of our next show (44:30).https://ia601405.us.archive.org/27/items/llf-episode-290/LLF%20Episode%20290.mp3

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