Low Limit Futbol

Low Limit Futbol Episode 324: Ben Hayward

Int his episode, Joe and Roberto start out with Joe giving you a great trivia question on MLS opening day success (3:00). In Opening Thoughts, we continue to discuss out the fall out of the European Super League, and were we stand today with the failed project (4:10). We then welcome in European football journalist Ben Hayward to discuss the Super League, the Champions League semifinals this week, and the heated La Liga title race (17:05). We return from our interview to further discuss the Champions League as they are set to return this week (29:20). We close out with a full list of matches in our Match of the Week segment, the trivia answer, and a preview of next week’s show (34:30). https://ia601500.us.archive.org/29/items/llf-episode-324/LLF%20Episode%20324.mp3

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