Low Limit Futbol

Low Limit futbol Episode 329: Carlo Garganese

In this episode, Joe and Roberto start off with a great trivia question about longest tenured coaches in the Top 5 leagues in Europe (4:25). In Opening Thoughts, we discuss the 2021 Copa America as that competition progresses through the group stages (5:05). We then welcome in Carlo Garganese from the Italian Football Podcast to chat about all things Euro 2020, including the surprise teams and players so far as the competition completes their group stage matches this week (22:25). We then give you matches to look out for in Match of the Week, the trivia answer, and a preview of next week’s show (47:35). https://ia601506.us.archive.org/27/items/llf-episode-329/LLF%20Episode%20329.mp3

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