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There’s nothing like beIN in Miami

They say Miami is “The Magic City” and during my 72 hours in South Florida was nothing short of magical. In my first time in the city, one of the highlights, if not the highlight of my mini-vacation was visiting the studios of beIN Sports in nearby Medley on Monday, March 6. Having planned this visit for a few weeks, myself and my friend Homar Hernandez headed to the studios where we’ve met with our tour guide and the lady that made this all possible: the always wonderful Kay Murray.

Kay showed us everything the studio had to offer. For its control room, the commentator’s booth where Matteo Bonetti happened to be in doing the match between Alaves and Sevilla, to the sets of the Xtra and the Locker Room for both the English and Spanish channels of beIN Sports, all of which were on the first floor of the building.

However, the second floor was just as interesting. There, you had the mothership of where every employee works in their offices and where I met the majority of the on-air staff and producers from both channels. People such as Kevin Egan, Thomas Rongen, Gary Bailey, Christian Vieri, Gabrielle Amado, Dani Rios, Ryan Catanese, Jaime Macías, Miguel Serrano, George D. Metellus and of course meeting the top man in the office, Rafael Torres, the Senior Director of Sports Programming for a little chat in his office.

The kindness and absolute respect for these people that I had before watching them on TV ended up being exactly the same meeting them in person, especially given how many of them knew of me beforehand on either Twitter or appearing on Low Limit Futbol.

Of course, I was able to experience a normal Monday afternoon (which is their busiest day), in which I took part in listening in during Kay and Kevin’s Facebook Live for the beIN Sports’ Facebook page as well as a production meeting for the Locker Room in which Kay, George, Christian, Gary, Thomas, and Ryan took part discussing the topics of Napoli-Real Madrid and Barcelona-PSG in UCL, and a debate on who is the better striker between Torino’s Andrea Belotti and Tottenham Hotspur’s Harry Kane, in which the panel was divided.

After that, we took a photo with the panelists in the studio following the recording of the program on set before the final event of the day, was to see Kevin do the Xtra live in the studio. Much to our luck, beIN Sports was also debuting a new set for the Xtra, which became nothing short of beautiful and interesting.

Overall, the visit was spectacular and was rounded up with a goodie bag of beIN Sports memorabilia that I was able to take home to Connecticut. I would like to thank Kay for the invite and everyone at beIN Sports USA for their hospitality and kindness during my visit.

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